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Welcome to NYC Clean Heat

Just 10,000 buildings in New York City burn heavy forms of heating oil, but they contribute more soot pollution than all cars and trucks on the City’s roads. NYC Clean Heat is a program that seeks to improve air quality and save lives by eliminating heavy oil use and accelerating the adoption of the cleanest fuels. The program provides resources to building owners, managers, and residents, and works with organizations that can help buildings make the switch. Join us today! Contact NYC Clean Heat.

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About Clean Heat

Learn about the health impacts of burning heavy oil and the benefits of converting to the cleanest heating fuels.

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Spot the Soot

Find out if you live or work in a building that uses No. 6 or No. 4 oil and see which buildings have been converted to cleaner fuels with this interactive map.

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Need help?  NYC Clean Heat is a one-stop shop for technical assistance and information about financing and incentives.

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How to Convert

Learn about clean fuel options, the steps to converting, and how to save energy and money in the process.

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