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NYC Clean Heat was created by the City of New York in 2012 to address the public health hazard presented by heavy heating oil emissions. Between 2012 and 2015, NYC Clean Heat resulted in nearly 6,000 heating oil conversions from No. 6 or No.4 oil to a cleaner fuel. As a result, PM 2.5 emissions from buildings previously burning these heavy heating oils have been reduced by 65% since 2011.

NYC Clean Heat has transitioned into the NYC Retrofit Accelerator, New York City's one-stop resource to help building owners and operators increase the value and sustainability of their properties through energy and water upgrades.

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Boiler Repair & Installation In New York

Maybe you want to change your heating system? We can help! Maybe you would like something more energy efficient. Or maybe the boiler in your building is not working good anymore. Just contact our NYC plumbers for boiler repair, maintenance, and installation.

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About Clean Heat

Learn about the health impacts of burning heavy oil and the benefits of converting to the cleanest heating fuels.

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Spot the Soot

Find out if you live or work in a building that uses No. 4 heating oil and see which buildings have been converted to cleaner fuels with this interactive map.

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